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Mechanic Apprentice
Title:Mechanic Apprentice

Mechanic Apprentice Duties and Responsibilities

Salary: $10-$14/hr Depending on experience

Perform Simple Automotive Repairs

Apprentice mechanics perform standard vehicle repairs on their own, tasks such as changing brake pads and rotors, replacing vehicle fluids, and replacing car batteries.

Follow Car Checklists

Apprentice mechanics use company-created automobile checklists to determine which repairs are needed on vehicles scheduled to be serviced.

Learn Repair Techniques

Learning is a huge part of the apprentice mechanic’s job. Apprentice mechanics learn how to repair vehicles through formal training sessions and hands-on work tasks supervised by auto mechanics.

Inspect and Test Vehicles

All vehicles must be tested before and after the repair procedure, a task that often falls to apprentice mechanics.

Test Car Batteries

Apprentice mechanics routinely disconnect batteries inside vehicles and hook them up to an in-shop testing device to determine their functionality.

Clean Shop, Inventory, and Customer Areas

Apprentice mechanics are responsible for performing light custodial tasks to keep workshop and customer areas clean and presentable. Apprentice mechanics also keep inventory areas clean and well-organized.

Disassemble Vehicles and Engines

Apprentice mechanics take apart car and truck engines, as well as other parts of the vehicle, such as sidewall panels and floorboards.

Order Vehicle Parts

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